Sukhinaḥ Yoga

Yoga classes in Dublin, Ireland

Private classes

The way yoga was originally taught in India is one-to-one, and private yoga classes are an ideal way to receive personalised instruction and a class tailored to your needs.

We are all different and unique. Private classes are very useful for those suffering or recovering from injury, those requiring more attention such as beginners, or those who would really like some personal feedback and direction on their practice. A programme will be customised for you and can be used as a home practice or we can continue to grow and strengthen it together.

Private classes will be scheduled around my working week.

Check out this blogpost for tips & guidelines for students before asana practice.  



Single class:   €50 (60min), €75 (90min)

5 class pass:  €220 (60min) and €330 (90min)

Semi-privates (if you want to share a class with one other person)

Single class:  €70 (60min), €100 (90min)

5 class pass: €300 (60min) and €450 (90min)

Small groups

I also offer private group classes – but prices depend on the number of participants. Please drop me a brief email and I’ll get back to you with a quote.

* Travel costs may be additional add ons to areas outside Dublin, Ireland. 

Oṁ Shāntiḥ


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